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The ultimate resource for the treasurer on the professional investment of corporate cash

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The broad view on investment management for the corporate treasurer

A comprehensive overview of the professional investment of corporate cash, aimed to help treasurers navigate the complexities of investment policy and decision-making, along with key insights and takeaways to help navigate market challenges, optimise liquidity and build stronger investment portfolios.

In numbers

$ 0 tn
industry with the US being the largest market
$ 0 tn
US domestic money market fund assets
$ 0 tn
international AAA-rated money market fund assets
0 bn
total US and Europe domestic ESG money market fund assets
$ 0 bn
total Chinese offshore RMB money market fund assets

Sources: iMoneyNet as of July 2023; Fitch Ratings as at end of 2022; Wind, data as at 30 June 2023, converted into USD from RMB11,483bn.

Thought Leadership

From insights to actions, opinion leaders share their knowledge and know-how to help treasurers provide value for their business and embrace change

We aim to deliver all the latest insights on the professional investment of corporate cash. The hub will source and share expert intelligence to provide greater clarity on the complexities of developing and implementing an investment policy for the corporate treasurer.

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Pressing the case for ESG in financial markets

The impetus for more sustainable cash investment solutions, such as ESG money market funds, continues to grow as treasury’s role in supporting a firm’s sustainability objectives becomes clearer. At a roundtable hosted by the Association of Corporate Treasurers and HSBC, treasurers discussed the practicalities and looked ahead at this developing market.

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Sharing insights, subject expertise and building relationships, these events help treasurers to overcome challenges and capitalise on new opportunities