Webinar: Navigating counterparty challenges – dynamic credit risk management

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, being well prepared and adaptable is essential for safeguarding your organisation’s financial stability

This webinar is essential viewing for treasurers, financial professionals, and anyone interested in staying ahead in the world of credit risk management. 

Experts from HSBC Asset Management shine a light on the critical aspects of evolving credit risk and offer valuable insights into the tools and strategies available to help treasurers navigate these challenges effectively.

Topics explored: 

  • Understanding evolving credit risk: learn why traditional credit risk assessment methods may not be sufficient in today’s fast-paced financial environment.
  • Discover the determinants of dynamic credit risk: find out what factors influence dynamic credit risk.
  • Cutting-edge tools: explore the latest available tools designed to help treasurers address the challenges of evolving credit risk.
Jonathan Curry Global Chief Investment Officer Liquidity and Chief Investment Officer UK HSBC Asset Management
Jonathan Curry, Global Chief Investment Officer Liquidity and Chief Investment Officer UK, HSBC Asset Management
Tina Radovic Global Head of Credit Research HSBC Asset Management
Tina Radovic, Global Head of Credit Research, HSBC Asset Management
Watch the webinar here.
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